Premium vodka Absolut is making its debut in the RTD arena in a bid to take on “sweeter” tasting rivals.
The global roll-out of Absolut Cut began in Canada this week and its Swedish brand owner, the Vin & Spirit Group, confirmed that it was considering a UK launch.
Described by V& S as the “next generation of pre-mixed drinks”, Cut is a combination of citrus fruits, including lime, orange and mandarin, sparkling water and Absolut vodka.
Acknowledging the RTD market has slowed around the world, the company said Cut would succeed because it offered consumers a “more
premium and upgraded” offering compared with other RTD offerings.
Marika Siegwald, director of corporate communications at V&S, said: “Absolut is a global brand and we haven’t created Cut exclusively for the Canadian market. Although there has been a decline in the RTD market, we feel this product is a higher quality premix. As the category has matured, consumers’ tastes have changed and people are now looking for a less sweet drink and something drier.”
Retailers said they hoped the newcomer would make it over to the UK. A spirits buyer at one multiple said: “Absolut is known as a premium vodka and it would be a positive step for the category if Cut was launched here. The only complication it could face would be maintaining a premium price in a difficult market.”
Rosie Davenport