Independent fruit and vegetable retailers are being offered a novel opportunity to bring a little theatre into their stores.

Three Sixty Degree Marketing is providing specialised store decorations, ranging from cardboard cut outs of fruit and veg to giant three dimensional models.

Stewart Atkins of Three Sixty said the materials can be used to bring a bit of fun into stores, or to support a particular promotion.

“It’s a chance for an independent store to show they’re willing to do something other than just opening their doors and wondering why people aren’t coming in.” He said independent stores that had tried the products and found them to be a great success.

Alan Clark, owner of the Covent Garden Fruit Market, said the decorations had created a real stir among his customers, even bringing new people into the store. “It’s been very popular with children and their parents.” He said they were even being asked to sell the decorations to their customers: “I’m now selling paper fruit and veg as well.”