Cadbury Trebor Bassett is marking Dairy Milk’s 100th birthday with a collection of heritage packs inspired by designs and advertising from last century. It predicts the limited edition centenary collection will become collectors’ items, as well as offer retailers bigger profit margins on chocolate.
The range, available from September, includes a 5x200g box (rsp: £5.99) of five bars with different packaging from 1905-2005, a twin pack (rsp: £2.99), three varieties of collection tins filled with miniatures (rsp: £5.99), and a mug pack (rsp: £3.99).
Retailers who work in or own stores that turn 100 in 2005 can win a special birthday present in a prize draw. They first need to join the Dairy Milk Happy 100 Club by calling 020 78089739.