Cadbury Trebor Bassett is scrapping its 200g block chocolate format and replacing it with a larger 250g version to boost the value of its flagging Dairy Milk brand.
From next month the Dairy Milk block bars, including Whole Nut, Crunchie Pieces, Almond & Honey and Caramel, will change to a 250g size bar. Dairy Milk Bubbly will be the only bar to remain as it is, in a 181g format.
The change is part of Cadbury Trebor Bassett’s move into the sharing category, and follows research showing consumers were buying large blocks of Dairy Milk for that purpose.
Mike Tipping, head of customer relations for Cadbury Trebor Bassett, said: “The transition from 200g to 250g reflects the continuing trend towards sharing, particularly within families.”
The 250g bars (rsp: £1.66) will be 58p more expensive than the original lines and will increase the price per 100g from about 54p to 66p.