Robert Wiseman Dairies faces hefty fines if the Office of Fair Trading finds it has abused its dominant position in the Scottish fresh processed milk market. Robert Wiseman, Ballantyne, Grahams and Scottish Milk were raided by the OFT on May 10 after investigators felt there were "reasonable grounds to suspect infringements" of the new Competition Act. Robert Wiseman gained a reprieve at Christmas after the Competition Commission ruled it was operating a monopoly on the supply of milk to small retailers in Scotland, but was unable to take any remedial action because the verdict was not unanimous. The issue centres on whether the Scottish middle ground milk sector ought to be considered as a separate market. Wiseman contends that mainland Britain constitutes a single market for the supply of milk to this sector. If the dairies are found to have breached the Act, they could be fined up to 10% of their UK turnover. {{NEWS }}