A2 - the new functional milk brand from Robert Wiseman Dairies - has won three further listings with major UK retailers ahead of its on-shelf debut next month.

The milk, which is aimed at those who believe they may have trouble digesting dairy products, will go into Morrisons and Budgens stores around 22 October, and into Waitrose in January.

Last month, The Grocer revealed the brand - which contains only A2-type protein instead of A1 and A2 like conventional milk - had won a listing with Tesco. It was scheduled to go into Tesco stores this week, but the launch had been put back to next month due to “operational challenges,” an A2 spokesman said.

Morrisons and Budgens will sell one and two-litre bottles of whole and semi-skimmed across their entire estates and Waitrose will sell both variants in their largest stores.

A2 is produced by A2 Milk (UK), a joint venture between Robert Wiseman and New Zealand’s A2 Corporation.

A website, www.a2milk.co.uk, has now gone live in preparation for the launch.