The British cheese Board has unveiled a shortlist of five “cheesy” tunes in its search for the nation’s Cheddar anthem, including an accordion-playing Morris dancer, a pub sing-along and a techno version of ‘God Save our Cheese’.

The public has a month in which to decide which should be crowned the UK’s official cheese anthem by voting on its website,

British Cheese Board secretary Nigel White said the search, which kicked off earlier this year, had had a fantastic response from the British public.

“We were astounded by the number of entries we received,” he said. “Britain may produce over 700 named cheeses, but this competition has proven beyond doubt that Cheddar is by far and away the nation’s favourite.”

The winning entry will receive weekend passes to Alex James’s food and music festival in September as well as a year’s supply of British Cheddars from Cheese Board members.