Chobani has removed all references to ‘Greek’ from its UK packaging and website, as it seeks to comply with a recent court agreement.

Its new packs are labelled ‘Chobani: fat free yoghurt’.

The relabelling comes after the US yoghurt maker agreed in early November to stop calling its US-made yoghurt ‘Greek yoghurt’ as of 1 December, pending its legal case against Total Greek Yoghurt owner Fage, which is suing Chobani for being misleading in its product labelling. Fage had been close to getting an interim injunction granted against the company.

Chobani told The Grocer last month it had agreed to temporarily stop using the term ‘Greek yoghurt’ and would relabel its packs as ‘Greek strained yoghurt’, but declined to comment on why it had now chosen to remove the word ‘Greek’ completely.

The brand is currently listed only in Tesco.

Meanwhile, rival US yoghurt brand The Greek Gods, owned by Hain Daniels, made its UK debut with four SKUs in Sainsbury’s on 21 November. The yoghurts, which are made in the UK, are described as ‘Greek style’ on pack.