Dairy Crest has announced a further round of milk price increases for farmers, moving its standard liquid, organic and Davidstow up by one pence per litre each.

The increases come into force on 1 November, and move the company’s standard liquid price to 32.50ppl and 33.25ppl for Davidstow. Dairy Crest does not publicly disclose its organic milk price.

Group procurement director Mike Sheldon said the price rises reflected Dairy Crest’s “commitment to pay fair, market-related milk prices to our farmers”.

He added: “We expect to recover the increase raw milk costs from our customers and are continuing to work with them to adopt our innovative formula as a means of setting our prices with them. We see this as a key step in building trust in the pricing process.”

The latest round of price increases comes after Dairy Crest moved its Davidstow price by 1ppl on 1 June and by a further 1ppl on 15 July. Its standard liquid price was previously increased by 1.5ppl on 1 June.