The UK’s leading farming bodies have demanded that milk processors reverse all milk price cuts they have forced through since April.

The call follows a meeting held this morning between the NFU, NFU Scotland, NFU Cymru, the Tenant Farmers Association and Farmers for Action.

The “catastrophic” cuts would drive farmers out of the dairy industry, the bodies claimed in a joint statement, calling together for an immediate reversal of the price reductions.

“There has been an unprecedented outcry of anger and frustration among farmers,” the statement said. It urged farmers to “harness that strength of feeling” at a “crisis” summit set for London on Wednesday.

Farming minister Jim Paice said he was disappointed by the latest price cuts which he said “appear to fly in the face of rising prices in global markets”.

He said the cuts demonstrated how important it was for the industry to agree on a voluntary code of practice on milk contracts as soon as possible – discussions over which are ongoing.