The Food Standards Agency has announced it is to prosecute Selfridges for selling raw milk from vending machines.

The regulator said summons had been served to Selfridges and the farmer who supplied the raw milk – Stephen Hook – and a hearing would take place on 6 February.

The FSA intends to prosecute both Selfridges and Hook for breaching food hygiene regulations.

It said its decision came after a “detailed investigation” after Selfridges installed vending machines for raw cow’s milk in 2011.

It added the case was not linked to the FSA’s current review of rules on the sale and marketing of raw milk in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which continues.

Selfridges said: “We do not believe that we have committed any offence. As this matter is subject to legal proceedings, we are unable to comment further at this stage.”

Hook is currently promoting the Moo Man film about dairy farming and raw milk at the Sundance Film festival.