Tesco has given 412 of its dairy farmers individual carbon footprints in a bid to reduce the environmental impact of its dairy supply chain.

The initiative, which involves farmers in the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG), is Tesco’s latest move to cut emissions by 30% on the products it sells by 2020.

Farmers have been given a carbon league table showing how they measure up against other Tesco dairy farmers, and will also receive new best practice guidelines.

Footprints will be calculated by consultants ERM using data from Promar, the independent consultancy used by Tesco to track costs among TSDG farmers, and will take into account herd size, types of feed and fertilisers as well as the use of fuel and electricity.

“Uniquely, this system covers all aspects of the farm, from the animals to the feed and fertilisers,” said Promar national dairy consultant Derek Garder.

Tesco executive director for corporate and legal affairs, Dame Lucy Neville-Rolfe, added that Tesco had an “excellent” relationship with its dairy farmers and was proud to be working with them on reducing carbon footprints.