Robert Wiseman Dairies is launching its sixth regional milk label, adding a dedicated sub-brand for milk processed at its Manchester dairy.

Two-litre packs of whole and semi-skimmed milk from the dairy, which are sold under Wiseman’s Black & White label, will carry the words ‘Our Northern Dairy’ as of this week.

Wiseman already has regional Black & White sub-brands for Welsh and Scottish milk, as well as milk from the Grampian, West Country and Cornish regions, that indicate where the milk is produced or packed.

Robert Wiseman sales and marketing director Sandy Wilkie said that Wiseman’s network of regional dairies meant it was able to offer consumers products that were identified with their local area. “Offering the reassurance that fresh milk products are local and haven’t been trucked in from hundreds of miles away has certainly been a factor in the growth of our Black & White milk brand,” he added.

According to The Grocer’s Britain’s Biggest Brands survey, the brand was worth £107.2m at the end of 2011, down 4.7% on the previous 12 months [Nielsen 52 w/e 24 December].