Yoplait has been rapped by advertising watchdogs for suggesting one of its yoghurt ranges could help reduce the risk of broken bones.

The company’s ad for its Calin+ yoghurt showed a young woman talking about her mother’s recent fall, stating she had started eating Calin+ yoghurt to protect her own bones.

The ASA said the ad gave the impression that vitamin D and calcium – which are both in Calin+ – could help reduce the risk of suffering a bone fracture. The watchdog said this amounted to making a reduction of disease-risk (RDR) claim that, under the advertising code, should only be made if it has been authorised by the European Commission. No RDR claim for calcium and vitamin D has been authorised, and the ASA concluded the ad had breached advertsing rules about the health claims of food and supplements.

Part of the ad that stated the importance of calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones was considered fair by the ASA, as European Food Safety Authority studies have shown that calcium and vitamin D were necessary to maintain bone health.

Yoplait is now showing a revised ad that complies with the ASA ruling. “The aim of the ad is to introduce the subject of bone health, and make consumers aware of the importance of both vitamin D and calcium in the diet: a claim which is authorized,” said Brigitte Rousseau, director of nutrition and regulatory affairs for Yoplait Group.