The Vestman Island trawler Dala Rafn began landing 125 tonnes of mainly cod and haddock at Hull this week to complete the quality revolution under way since the port's new Fishgate fish trading centre opened last autumn. The cargo went straight into the centre's controlled environment processing and grading operations to sustain the state-of-the-art electronic auction for the first three days of this week. Fishgate director Magnus Gudmundsson said: "This is a logical extension of the relationship that has been building between Icelandic skippers and the Fishgate market over the past few months. "We can't shorten the supply chain between Iceland and Hull, but we can streamline it to our mutual advantage. "Fishgate established the basic elements of traceability from the outset and merchants have, to some extent, been buying by trawler name. Dala Rafn is well-known. "The difference was that the vessel discharged a full cargo just outside the market hall rather than supplying part of her catch via the refrigerated container chain." Good manufacturing practices are key to Fishgate's quality philosophy so a reduction in transfer operations is seen as a significant bonus. {{MEAT }}