D&D Wines is launching a consumer-friendly Bordeaux brand, labelled with grape varietals, to bring new drinkers into the Bordeaux category.

The range, branded Maison Bouey after the Bordeaux négociant that partnered D&D Wines in the project, has undergone extensive consumer testing in France and the UK.

"The research has demonstrated that the range successfully offers a quality proposition from Bordeaux that is also easy to understand and retains the classic heritage of the region," said Lewis Jones, marketing director at D&D Wines.

The range will initially consist of a Merlot and a Sauvignon Semillon (rsp £5.99) as well as a premium Merlot (rsp £9.99). All three are aimed at multiple grocers and off-licences.

"This is intended to be a mass-market consumer brand, which can simplify the Bordeaux proposition for mid-level consumers who are curious about wines from the Bordeaux region," said Jones.