Tilda is extending its Pure Basmati advertising campaign and giving away 10% extra free on 10kg bags. Jordans Cereals is launching a new flavour of Country Crisp, Wild about Berries, rsp: £2.28, 550g. Rothmans has launched an eight-week It's Raining Royals' promotion offering smokers money off their next Royals range purchase. Nestlé has teamed up with kids' web site SwapitShop for a Spiderman Breakfast Auction on packs of Shreddies, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Grahams and Nesquik. Swizzels Matlow has added a cola flavour to its Double Lollies, the first new flavour in the range for more than 30 years. Dairy brand Président is introducing low fat cheese Salakis Feta Light. Princes Soft Drinks is getting behind the Queen's Golden Jubilee with the launch of two special Jubilee products under its Barraclough's brand ­ Golden Cola and Cloudy Lemonade (1.5 litre, rsp: 69p). Classic cat food is now available in 100g pouches. Scottish-based sausage brand Lawsons is spending £250,000 on marketing this year, including its first ad campaign in 20 years. Coca-Cola Enterprises has launched an on-pack promotion for Capri-Sun, giving away door hangers for kids. {{P&P }}