St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day both gain significant instore promotional space.
As you would expect, the brand most visible in its support of St Patrick’s Day is Guinness but it just failed to break into the top 10 brands for the week.
However, price promotions in Asda, Somerfield, Sainsbury and Tesco have gained the brand plenty of extra promotional space. Another Irish brand to benefit was Jamesons Irish Whiskey, on price promotion in Asda and Somerfield.
Mothers Day has been supported well in stores often with a promotional end given over to products especially for the day. Champagne, chocolates, Baileys and wrapping paper all appear on the Tesco promotional end.
In the brand chart Nestlé remains out in front with Cadbury and Mars making a showing.
Each is supported by the many Easter egg offers which remain in place as a reminder that the festival is only a few weeks away.
In the overall retailer stakes Tesco has dropped to second place. Safeway has taken the lead after a spell in which it languished mid-table.