Mature Cheddar is now 40p/kg cheaper than medium Cheddar in the wake of heavy promotional activity.

New analysis by DairyCo of Kantar figures shows mature Cheddar cost an ­average of £5.96/kg in the 52 weeks to 11 July down 4.6% year-on-year compared with medium up 0.7% to £6.36/kg. Value sales for mature were up 9.5% year-on-year to £631.5m while medium fell 15.6% to £90.1m.

At an average price of £5.91/kg, branded Cheddar continued to be sold for less than standard own ­label and the gap has ­widened from 28p in 2009 to 39p this year.

Value own label sold for £5.23/kg on average, with sales hit by price promotions on brands.

Sales of branded over the year rose 15.3% to £613.9m with volume up 21.9% to 103,787 tonnes, while value own label fell 18.5% to £227.3m, with volume down 16.5% to 43,432 tonnes.