Debbie & Andrew's has developed a range of veal sausages in a bid to widen acceptance of the meat.

The sausages contain veal, chicken and lean pork shoulder, seasoned with shallots, cream, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

The company is offering samples to customers and celebrities and plans to negotiate listings with both mainstream and gourmet retailers in the new year.

The move aimed to support efforts by celebrities such as Janet Street-Porter and John Torode to get British consumers to eat more veal, said co-founder Debbie Keeble. "It's a good, low-fat meat," she said. "British calves are reared to much higher welfare standards than in the rest of Europe and the more veal we eat in this country, the more incentive there will be for farmers here to rear their own animals, which could stop thousands of unwanted calves being killed at birth."