Del Monte is poised to launch a three month breakfast promotion. From mid April, consumers can exchange tokens from nine million flashed packs ­ six pure juices, three canned fruits and three dried fruits ­ for breakfast glasses and bowls. The company says the utensils' quality and "collectability" will boost sales. The breakfast promotion is supported by Del Monte's Fruity Way towards 5 a Day' on pack message with tips and recipes. Both the promotion and the message will be backed by a advertising in women's consumer titles. Del Monte aims to harness the trend towards meals on the move and "deskfast" and to boost juice sales in particular. "Breakfasts account for 55% of juice sales. "But only 12% of breakfasts feature juice," commented the company. Del Monte hopes to recruit younger consumers to the brand as well as encouraging more purchases by core consumers. {{P&P }}