Del Monte aims to put the squeeze on Innocent and PJ’s with the launch of a range of chilled fruit smoothies.
The manufacturer’s first chilled drink aims to offer a mainstream alternative and undercut competitors’ prices to attract more consumers.
Its 100% Fruit Smoothies come in four blends - Mango & Passionfruit, Pineapple & Mango, Strawberry & Banana and Summer Berry. They are available in one-litre and 330ml packs with an rsp of £2.29 and £1.49, and one glass counts as a serving of the recommended five-a-day fruit and veg allowance.
Del Monte said its research found that, although some consumers were interested in being healthy, they might feel alienated by current offerings.
Peter Miller, managing director of Del Monte UK, said the launch was about presenting a more accessible image of smoothies.
“Smoothies are a fast growing area in the beverages market and fit in very well with the health message about consuming more fruit.”
He added: “I think there’s still room for a major player. People are looking for new ways to be able to have a more healthy lifestyle, and we are a fruit company so it’s a natural fit.”
Del Monte will spend some £300,000 marketing the smoothies, which are being launched next week at Waitrose and Budgens.
The manufacturer has also been working on fruit beverages such as Del Monte Gold - an offering to raise awareness of the quality of ambient juices.