Lower UK kill rates will not curtail supplies of finished product Warmer weather boosts demand for ox tongue The recent spate of good weather is reported to have helped kickstart the salad season which is good news for over the counter deli's share of sliced cooked meats. In particular demand for deli quality sliced ox tongue is reported to be strong which processors hope will set the scene for summer trading. One UK processors told The Grocer: "This time last year we had the televised publicity of the foot and mouth slaughter programme which had an impact on demand. "The early summer weather has provided a good platform to continue the sales recovery experienced in the new year." With adequate pipeline raw material stocks to support promotions and the sales boost, lower UK kill rates will not curtail supplies of finished product. With little demand from Europe for raw UK beef tongues, it is anticipated that supplies will be adequate throughout the summer if high sales levels are sustained as is hoped by Uk processors. Similarly demand for sliced lunch tongue has benefited from the start of the salad season. Although UK raw pig tongue supplies are lower as a result of the substnailly lower UK pig herd, supplies across Europe appear to be generally available. {{CANNED GOODS }}