Tesco has upped the fat content of milk sold under its Creamfields brand to meet growing consumer demand for 1%-fat milk.

It introduced 1%-fat milk to the tertiary brand under which it also sells some cheeses two weeks ago. It has since confirmed the 1% variety will replace, rather than sit alongside, its ­existing 0.75%-fat Creamfields product.

"The reason is customer demand for 1%-fat milk," said a Tesco spokeswoman. Tesco was the only major multiple not to offer it, added Patty Clayton, senior analyst at DairyCo, arguing that consumers would find 1% more familiar than 0.75%.

"It could be that Tesco is changing the fat content of Creamfields from 0.75% to 1% to reduce confusion and ultimately to take advantage of the growing popularity of the product," she added.

Tesco's 1%-fat Creamfields milk is currently priced the same as the 0.75%-fat version was on sale at 88p for two litres and on offer at two-for-£1.50.

Sainsbury's was the first supermarket to offer own-label 1%-fat milk, which it launched in April 2008. Tesco launched 0.75%-fat Creamfields in October 2009, replacing Robert Wiseman's Fresh'n'Lo and The One.

Sales of 1%-fat milk have increased 51.3% by volume to 742,000 litres in the past year [Kantar 52w/e 31 Oct].

The move comes as Tesco announced that from 6 December the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group would start supplying all milk into its Creamfields brand, its filtered milk brand, Pure, and its own-label cream. Currently the group only supplies Tesco's own-label standard milk.