Diageo is to give its successful Smirnoff Ice a drinking partner with the launch of Smirnoff Black Ice. The new offering will be supported by an £11m launch campaign and will go into the off-trade in October. It will be aimed at men who perceive the current range of bottled premium packaged spirits as "too feminine and too sweet", said the company. The price and alcohol content (5.5%) of Black Ice will be the same as that of its older sibling. But it will have a black and silver label and clear bottle, compared with the opaque packaging and red and silver label sported by Ice. Philip Gladman, marketing director for Smirnoff, said: "Black Ice has been designed specifically to appeal to drinkers who want an alternative to lager but have so far found nothing in the PPS category to tempt them. "Our research shows the best way to draw new drinkers into the PPS category is to offer a clean, crisp tasting drink in striking packaging backed by a strong, credible brand. Smirnoff Black brings that proposition to the market." {{DRINKS }}