Unilever is adding a spot of colour to its Persil gel laundry tablets range, with a product specifically for washing coloured clothes.

Persil Colour Gel tablets will hit stores from next month, backed by a £2m support package that includes TV and press advertising, in-store activity and sampling, building on the brand's 'Dirt is good' campaign. Brett Stephenson, Persil Colour brand manager, said two out of three washes were of coloured clothes, which provided a big opportunity for gel tablets aimed at colours.

Gel tablets were launched at the start of the year, promising convenience and stronger washing power thanks to a gel layer with pre-treating agents to tackle tough marks.

Stephenson claimed that the gel layer provided a point of excitement for consumers, encouraging them to trade up, delivering an increase in cost per wash.

The tablets come in 40-wash, 18-wash and 12-wash packs, retailing at £5.51, £2.58 and £1.93 respectively.