Birds Eye Wall's sales director Tony Pearce has hit out at critics for painting Wall's as the villain of the Competition Commission inquiry into impulse ice cream. Speaking at the launch of Wall's new ice cream range, which includes 28 new products ­ Pearce said he was passionate and angry that "confusion is being used as a tactic". Wall's is concerned that misleading information has flooded the market since the Commission ruled that 50% of the space in Wall's freezers could be used for other suppliers' products. Retailers were now confused, he said. The industry has been hit by reports that BEW is to wind down deliveries of its Cornetto, Solero and Magnum brands to newsagents. But Pearce said details regarding cabinet and outlet exclusivity and the removal of retrospective volume were still under negotiation. He said the company is also continuing to consult over distribution arrangements, including Wall's Direct. Pearce emphasised that BEW stood for innovation, integrity, openness and honesty and said he would resign from the business rather than mislead the industry. He pointed out that BEW has now upped its commission rate for independent wholesalers to 22.5% ­ as stipulated by the Competition Commission. See page 48. {{NEWS }}