from Ian Hills, head of marketing, Saxon 1050

Sir; I read with interest about Coca-Cola’s new push behind its Minute Maid fruit juice (The Grocer, September 10, p64).
I am disappointed that a company with the financial and NPD muscle of Coca-Cola can’t assemble a half-decent juice in an appealing bottle design.
Insincere, multi-market packaging is not acceptable for a product pretending to be both thoughtful and discerning.
Then one starts reading the label on the bottle and notices ‘no added sugar’.
Good, one thinks, until you notice this is a product full of artificial sweeteners.
‘With multivitamins’ is also an interesting phrase. Multi-vitamins tend to be added because what little fruit content is in the drink is from concentrate. Then there’s ‘25% of RDA of vitamins’. This is because the product is artificially augmented with vitamins, necessary because the concentrate contains so few.
None of this means that Minute Maid shouldn’t have its place on the shelf. It should simply stop pretending to be something it isn’t.