Whyte & Mackay has warned it would be forced to shed 300 jobs and close a bottling plant if the Scottish government’s minimum pricing plans for alcohol come to pass.

In its submission to Scotland’s Health Committee, the Scottish whisky company’s chief executive, John Beard, warned the plans would be “disastrous”.

“We anticipate that our bottling plant in Grangemouth, which employs 200 people, would close,” he said. “Our production levels would also be affected, so there would be a knock-on effect at our distilleries. Our best estimate is that another 100 jobs would be at risk.”

Minimum pricing would leave own-label whiskies in the same price range as brands, he added.

“That being the case, the role and need for own-label products disappears altogether. As the leading supplier of own-label whisky, this would be disastrous for our business.”

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