Start-up company Divine Drinks is hoping to put the squeeze on juice and smoothie producers with the launch of a range made from pure crushed fruit.
The products aim to plug the gap between heavy smoothies and watery fruit juices. Available in 330ml glass bottles in apricot, blackcurrant, banana and mango variants, they contain no sugar or additives and are made by crushing single fruit sourced from independent growers.
Aimed at adults looking for an “intense and authentic fruit hit”, they are the latest launches to market themselves as a healthy alternative to sugary carbonated offerings, which have seen a dent in their fortunes.
Founder Mark Kingsley-Williams said: “Like good cooking, we wanted to create drinks taking the best natural ingredients and let the natural flavours shine through. So no blending with other, cheaper fruit.”
The drinks (rsp: £1.69) are also differentiated by having a shelf life of six months.