In a step away from the popular and convenient pre-prepared salad packs, a UK company is hoping to capture the market with its own do-it-yourself kit that also has celebrity chef appeal.

Lincolnshire based Emmet UK has launched the Mary Berry Caesar Salad Kit, which features croutons, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Mary Berry Caesar Salad Dressing along with two whole Romaine hearts, all ready to be sliced and diced.

Matt Warren, commercial director, said: “Food lovers often don’t have time to create all their own food. Our kit ensures that quality, flavour and freshness are not over-ridden by convenience.

“Quality, value and freshness are often over-used phrases in relation to new products. But with this kit we feel we have hit all three.”

The 450g product, which the company said was priced at a similar level to a 200g pre-sliced pack, has been launched into Waitrose stores. Similar product lines are planned.