Restaurant chain Nando’s admitted it has found it tough to crack the UK grocery market.
Phil Lynas, MD, Nando’s Grocery, said its salad dressings and cooking sauces had not performed as well as its peri-peri sauces and marinades.
Blaming lack of brand clarity, he said: “Dressings are struggling. We’ve found it really difficult. The problem is that they were made up, they’re not on our restaurant menu and they didn’t contain peri-peri. The further you get from what your brand is about, the more you get into difficult territory.”
The company has launched two new table sauces and plans to relaunch its cooking sauces next month. Lynas said: “We’ll be saying they include peri-peri. Nando’s brand essence is that we are passionate about peri-peri. All our products must have peri-peri in them.”