Douwe Egberts is relaunching its ground coffee range with new products and packaging.

The revamped line-up, available from the end of next month, comprises six SKUs House Blend, Time Together, Café Milano, Flavourful Decaff, Morning Americano and Fired Up (rsp: £3.14/200g). The packaging has been updated to indicate strength and ­flavour and features more vibrant colours than the previous four-strong range.

The roll-out of the new range will be backed by a £1m push that includes ­digital, in-store and sampling activity.

"We've invested a lot of time and energy to create what we consider to be the best ground coffee in the market, with a repertoire to suit all," said marketing director Kerry Owens.

Douwe Egberts' portfolio accounts for £11m of the £144m ground coffee sector, which recorded 10.7% value growth year-on-year [IRI 52w/e 6 August].