Dr Stuart’s is extending its portfolio out of herbal teabags and sweets into the ready-to-drink market with functional ‘all natural’ teas. The three-strong bottled range, which is being rolled out now, is made with the brand’s trademark medicinal herbs and essential oils and is free from caffeine.

“There is a lot of potential to grow this market because most of the products already out there contain levels of active ingredients that are too low to provide a functional effect so don’t live up to their hype,” said MD Keith Garden. “This will fill a gap in the functional on-the-go market for drinks that actually work.”

The new range comes in three variants; Detox, Skin Purify and Echinacea & Cherry. The company entered the fledgling functional sweets category in August with a four-strong range of boiled sweets. Garden said it was “faring well but it has taken a while to build distribution”.