With buyers already covered for Christmas, and with plenty of vine fruit on the market after recent harvests, prices are suffering and there is every chance they will continue to fall in the near future, say traders.

Turkish sultana prices have been on a gradual slide since the harvest, with specially cleaned no9’s now trading circa $860 per tonne fob Izmir.

Turkish raisins are priced at $1,275 per tonne, with buyers happy they have an alternative source to that of Californian fruit. Buyers also have one eye on the pending availability from the Iranian crop.

Greek currants are also in plentiful supply. Good quality fruit is priced at around E1,100 per tonne fob Piraeus, a E100 fall over the last month.

Californian raisin prices are trading circa 73c a pound c& f Felixstowe. Prices are stable, with Turkish supplies are helping to keep a lid on any potential rises.