The collapse of currants Sultana and raisin imports to the UK are recovering. Calendar 2000 saw the lowest imports since the late 1980s, but figures for the year to December 2001 will show imports up from 82,727 tonnes to 88,040 tonnes year-on-year. One industry source commented that good marketing and PR as well as competitive pricing had helped achieve the increase. Turkey has moved into the raisin market in a big way and prices for both Turkish sultanas and raisins have been at bargain levels due to buyers also sourcing from other origins such as South Africa, and Iran. Greek sultana imports however have dwindled over the years from 30,000 tonnes a year to 2,000 tonnes in 2001. Currants are now declining at a similar rate. A few years ago 35,000 tonnes were sold in the UK but in 2001 imports were 13,166 tonnes. {{CANNED GOODS }}