Maxxium UK has launched a limited-edition bottle for blended whisky brand The Famous Grouse exclusively into the UK off-trade.

The bottle design features suggestions such as The Famous Grouse with ginger beer or Appletiser to encourage consumers to mix the whisky instead of just drinking it neat.

"The eye-catching white packaging ensures the product stands out and is a simple and effective way of communicating a new message to consumers - explore and have fun with The Famous Grouse," said brand manager, Lee Walker.

The packaging is the latest move by the company to try and bring younger consumers into whisky. "The brand has always driven innovation in the category," said Walker. "We hope this limited-edition will help dispel the myth that blended Scotch is an old-fashioned spirit to be drunk straight on the rocks."

There are 42,000 bottles available through Asda and Makro from this month, priced at £13.29.