Ralston Purina is introducing Fresh Meaty Chunks to its relaunched Bakers Complete dry dog food range. These come in four flavours ­ Rabbit and Duck, Beef, Chicken and Lamb, all with Vegetables. The company is also backing the brand with a £1m TV campaign which kicked off last week. It is a tongue-in-cheek version of a television cookery programme, and features the canine brand ambassador Pippin entertaining two pooch pals by cooking' their dinner using fresh chicken and vegetables. The light-hearted tone aims to "reinforce the brand's enjoyment message". Senior brand manager Andrew Turner said the fresh meat proposition provided "excellent opportunities for retailers to increase category penetration by targeting consumers moving from wet into dry dog food". He said growth in dry dog food was running at 13.7% a year, with wet food declining by 6.3%. Rsps range from £2.79 (1.5kg) to £21.49 (15kg). {{P&P }}