Sir, I am a great fan of your Leader article every week but would like to comment on the implication in the 10 September issue that Innocent was the creator/pioneer of the veg pot concept.

Easy Bean very much pioneered the concept of a healthy meal in a pot. We launched in 2007 and since this time we have seen a plethora of interpretations of our concept, including Innocent's a year later. Our all-natural one-pot meals based on wholesome ingredients allowed us to make claims of three portions of your 5-a-day in a pot as well as low in fat, low in salt and high in fibre. We can rightly claim: flagging up the portions of veg was a first; putting a 'meal' in a microwavable pot was a first; putting interesting copy on the inside of the sleeve in this category was a first. We are also flattered that our recipes and titles have been imitated eg Moroccan Tagine.

We really appreciated your reporting of our launch earlier this year of our two Fairtrade one-pot meals the first and only Fairtrade ready meals in the UK but we would really like to get the credit we deserve for being so innovative and actually being the initiator of the 'new' category of healthy one-pot meals.

Christina Baskerville, MD, Easy Bean