Schwartz is spicing up its condiments with the relaunch and expansion of its pre-prepared fresh herb and spice range. The new Easy convenience range includes crushed and chopped garlic, chopped chillies, basil, coriander, and parsley in sunflower oil and chopped ginger in lemon juice. The new lines, which hit the shelves this month, have a six week lifespan if kept refrigerated after opening. Garlic accounts for 50% of sales in the fresh jar market which is growing 12% year on year. Schwartz's two garlic preparations are priced £1.19 to compete. The other items in the 95g to 100g range have an rsp of £1.39. The relaunch follows the revamp of Schwartz dried seasonings in February, which saw 10% category growth in the first six months. {{P&P }}