Red meat bosses have urged retailers to maintain their support for the English Beef and Lamb Executive’s Quality Standard Mark.
Eblex head of marketing Andrew Garvey said independent analysis showed that beef and lamb sales rose by £4m year-on-year in the first eight weeks of a TV and press advertising campaign designed to promote the mark. This equated to an extra 605,000kg of beef and lamb, he said, and proved the mark was making an impression on consumers.
He claimed the ads, which feature ex-cricketers Ian “Beefy” Botham and Allan “Lamby” Lamb, generated an awareness rating of 62% among English consumers, compared with an advertising industry average of 47%. All the major retailers, bar Morrisons but including Tesco, initially reported to have rejected the mark, are now supporting it.
Garvey said: “Morrisons is keen to participate, but we have to bear in mind that their attention is on other aspects of their business at the moment.”