The European Commission has responded to MEP Renate Sommer’s concerns about the UK’s planned front-of-pack labelling scheme - by saying it’s not yet in a position to assess if the scheme complies with EU rules.

In a question to the EC in November, Sommer urged it to take infringement proceedings against the UK should the DH go ahead with its plans. She argued that the scheme - which combines traffic light labelling, guideline daily amounts and the descriptors ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ - contravened EU regulations on a number of counts, including free trade rules.

Health commissioner Tonio Borg said infringement proceedings could be initiated if EU rules were broken, but the EC could not say at this stage whether the UK scheme was in breach.

“The Commission has not received any information on the details of the labelling scheme recommended by the UK,” he wrote in response to Sommer. “Therefore, the Commission cannot pronounce itself on its compliance with the criteria in the regulation.”