David Cameron on sugar

The Conservative manifesto was launched today (14 April) ahead of the general election in May. Here are the key points affecting the fmcg industry.

  • A major business rates review to “back small firms”
  • No employer NI contributions for apprentices under 25, Employment Allowance to eliminate NICs from small employers
  • Raise SME government procurement to one-third
  • Eliminate non-payment of NMW, rise to £8 by 2020 and end exclusivity in zero-hours contracts
  • Pub Loan Fund to enable community groups to fully bid for pubs
  • Allow farmers to smooth profits over five years (announced in budget)
  • “Science-led” approach on GM crops, creation of single Farm Inspection Taskforce
  • Promote British food abroad by setting up Great British Food Unit, guarantee all central government departments purchase food to British standards of production by 2020
  • Push for country of origin labelling in Europe, particularly for dairy products
  • Reform fish quota systems so all at-risk species are fished sustainably by 2020
  • Higher animal welfare standards in international trade, CAP and slaughterhouses, protect religious methods of slaughter
  • Action to reduce childhood obesity, promote clear food information, national evidence-based obesity prevention programme