Diageo has scrapped plans to roll out its sparkling wine and schnapps line launched under the Archers banner.
Archers Eden went on trial in Asda stores last October (The Grocer, October 4 2003, p72) but consumer confusion about the offering has forced the drinks giant to axe the concept.
Sold in the retailer’s sparkling wine fixture, Eden came in Berry Rosé and Citrus White variants and was packaged in 70cl bottles, priced £3.48.
Eden was the second extension of the Archers brand in as many years and followed the introduction of RTD offshoot Archers Aqua, which Diageo
admits has suffered poor sales. Steve Dancer, general manager of beers, wines and spirits at Asda, said: “The concept of targeting females in party mode before they go out was good and quite a lot of brands have been strong in that arena, such as Lambrini.
“The category is ripe for development and the project was interesting and exciting. But Eden was not the right development. Consumers were confused as it was a wine-based product called Archers which people associate with schnapps. There is only so far consumers will stretch a brand - it would be like a Baileys vodka.”
Paul Flanagan, Diageo’s commercial PR manager, said: “Archers Eden had good consumer appeal but it does not represent a sufficiently big opportunity for us to move to a full-scale launch.”
Rosie Davenport