Dairy Farmers of Britain aims to establish its new brand of probiotic yoghurt drinks in the minds of its target consumers by launching into schools.
The dairy co-op plans to roll out the Wotz in It 4 Me brand to independents after the school launch next month.
Dave Mossman, sales director, predicted that the brand would sell particularly well in outlets near schools. "The text-like name talks to kids in their own language. If it's the right product, kids will buy it," he said.
The product is a very low fat, probiotic yoghurt drink in blackcurrant and raspberry flavours and is aimed at children aged five and above. The 250ml bottles contain 7% sugar, but this is below the 10% permitted by the School Meals Review Panel. Calcium levels are also high.
As well as the roll out to school vending machines at the start of next month, the company is in discussion with education authorities about extending it to school canteens.