Sales of eggs are on the up as shoppers recognise the health benefits offered by the store cupboard staple.

In the year to October, sales of eggs have increased 5% by volume, to £4.56bn, while value sales have risen 2.5% to £764m [Kantar, 31 October 2010].

Sales had increased because consumers were becoming more familiar with the health benefits of eggs, claimed the British Egg Information Service.

"Specifically, the satiating nature of eggs. It's a perfect food for slimmers low in calories and filling," said a spokesman. The removal of limits on egg consumption in advice given by health groups had also had a ­positive impact, he added.

"The stories have helped consumers ­recognise the great value eggs offer," said Andrew Parker, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council.

The year-on-year increase in October builds on the 3% increase in volume reported for eggs in September.