A coconut processing company aims to revolutionise sports beverages with the launch of its isotonic drink.

Elektrolyte Sport is designed to help athletes replace fluids lost by sweating, as well as providing a carbohydrate boost. The lightweight Tetra Pak cartons are fitted with easy-open pull-tabs to make it ideal for people "on the run", according to producer Kara UK, the British arm of coconut processing giant Sambu Group.

Made from fresh coconut juice, it has the same ratio of solids to fluids as human blood, making it easier for the body to absorb than other drinks, according to the producer. It also contains 40% of the required daily intake of vitamin C.

Simon Dunn of sole UK Elektrolyte agent Chain said: "The sports drink industry is often tarnished by the unhealthy, artificial beverages available. Elektrolyte is made from 100% natural ingredients."

Priced at £2.49 for four, it will be in some Waitroses and health food shops at the end of next month.