An all-natural energy drink is being launched this week to tap consumers' thirst for healthier products.

Backed by a £2.4m push, Zen Republic, developed by a company of the same name, promises to provide the same effects of existing energy drinks but without "all the added ingredients".

It contains a raft of popular healthy ingredients, including green tea, guarana and green coffee bean, but none of the artificial ingredients, flavours or sweeteners found in similar products.

It is positioned as a thirst-quenching drink for the day and a spirits mixer by night.

Co-founder Jonathon Dowse, who has worked for Unilever and Northern Foods, said the drink would stand out because of its "all-natural credentials".

He said the company also planned to extend the Zen brand into other premium categories this year.

The marketing support for the drink includes national TV and press kicking off this summer.