plastic cotton buds

Plastics Pact must highlight successes to win public support

Wrap needs to do a more effective job on PR and measuring progress

plastic forks cutlery

UK Plastics Pact identifies ‘problematic’ materials to remove from sale

Wrap today published a list of eight “problematic or unnecessary” single-use plastics


Humane League campaign targets McDonald’s chicken welfare

The animal welfare group wants the fast food chain to publicly commit to improve the welfare of its chickens


Pinkster launches Gin Jam Cocktail Mix made with discarded raspberries

It comes packed in 20g sachets, with a two-year shelf life


Bottle Up water looks to fight tourist plastic waste

The startup’s ‘London’ packs are made from bio-plastic derived from sugar cane

Carbon pollution

Quorn on course to meet 2022 emissions reduction target

It also claims to be ‘climate positive’ thanks to its largely flexitarian customer base

mcdonalds McFlurry

McDonald’s to scrap plastic salad containers & McFlurry lids

Salads will be served in cardboard containers, disposing of the plastic bowl, shaker salad cups and lids used currently


Border Biscuits removes 90% of plastic from packaging

The brand has swapped clear plastic trays for recyclable cardboard


Businesses should adopt planet over profit

Single-use: the problem is in the name

waitrose Ready Meal Packaging

‘War on Plastic’ adds pressure on an industry in packaging limbo

Alternative packaging often has its own downsides, says Ian Weston, associate partner at Food Strategy Associates

Andrew Haines, NR CEO

Network Rail hails success of water fountains in fight against plastic

Rail operator said it had had helped prevent more than 100,000 water bottles ending up in landfill each month

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