Plastic bags

Government sets out major plastic crackdown in Queen’s speech

Food and drink companies will also face legally binding new targets on plastic reduction 

fairtrade bananas

How can we help ethically minded Brits shop more sustainably?

A growing number of Brits consider themselves to be ethical or sustainable shoppers, says Emma Vass of Wessanen UK


Only a third of UK shoppers prioritise environmental concerns over price, says poll

A majority of Brits cited ‘low prices and good value’ as their most important considerations when buying groceries

plastic waste rubbish landfill

Plastic: is the industry moving far enough and fast enough?

Which plastic reduction initiatives are working and which are window dressing?

ocean plastic cups

10 pioneering schemes tackling plastic pollution

Here are some of the trailblazing brands, retailers and manufacturers tackling the plastic waste problem head-on

plastic cup on beach

The plastic pickle: industry innovation is a drop in the ocean

Some of the issues and behaviours exposed by the plastic pickle are unresolvable without sacrifices being made

Carlsberg GFB 1

Carlsberg unveils duo of protoype paper beer bottles

The Danish brewing giant has created the bottles using sustainably sourced wood fibre

Thorntons Budgens

Thornton’s Budgens launches 250 packaging-free lines

The new range will be unveiled at the Belsize Park Budgens store in North London on 23 October

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Piccolo rolls out UK’s first bio-based babyfood pouches

Each pouch contains up to 80% of bio-sourced raw materials from renewable sources such as sugar beet and cane

Tresemme - Black Plastic Bottles

Are Unilever’s new plastic commitments as significant as they sound?

The supplier has pledged to eliminate over 100,000 tonnes of packaging by 2025. So how does this goal measure up against other firms’ commitments?

Michelle Norman lucozade ribena suntory

Michelle Norman promoted to lead sustainability at Suntory Beverage & Food Europe

In Spetember SBFE set out its plan to use fully recycled or plant-based materials across its entire portfolio

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