The National Farmers’ Union has launched a new scheme to encourage more farmers to report breaches of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice.

It has developed an online form - called the NFU GSCOP breach report - that allows farmers to report retailers to Groceries Code Adjudicator Christine Tacon anonymously through the NFU.

“NFU members have been telling us for some time that breaches of the GSCOP code continue to take place, which is why we lobbied so hard for an Adjudicator,” said NFU head of food and farming Phil Hudson. “NFU members are now able to submit evidence anonymously through their representative body.”

GSCOP only covers direct suppliers, but other stakeholders - including farmers - can also submit evidence of breaches to Tacon. “Therefore, it is still very important for our members to share their concerns,” Hudson said.

The NFU GSCOP breach report can be accessed through the NFU website. The NFU is also calling on its members to respond to a survey on retailer behaviour currently being conducted by Tacon.